Birmingham Magician Dodmoor House

Birmingham Magician at Dodmoor House

Birmingham Magician at Dodmoor House

Birmingham Magician at Dodmoor House

Another new venue for me today, Dodmoor House in Northants.And what a gorgeous venue it is!!

Lauren sadly had to postpone from 2020, but  had a lovely  intimate wedding of 30 guests. 

Birmingham Magician Dodmoor House Birmingham Magician Dodmoor House

It was a beautiful sunny day. Everyone was sat in the lovely Courtyard when I arrived. I was booked for the lull after the wedding breakfast,  and before the evening reception. So it was magic in the sunshine in the beautiful Courtyard. It was also the perfect setting for the Bride and Groom Trick, as you can see !!

They had originally also booked me to do 20 mins stand up magic. However Lauren and I recognised everyone was having a great time sat in the sun, and more close up magic was the order of the day.


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The remaining 2021 summer dates are nearing pretty much full. There are a few dates left , but they are going quickly. Similarly 2022 is now filling up very quick. At the time of writing I have 50 booked in for 2022, so please be quick 🙂


Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall

Birmingham Wedding Magician Puckrup Hall

Birmingham Wedding Magician Puckrup Hall

Birmingham Wedding Magician Puckrup Hall

 Owen Strickland performs for Andy and Sarah at Puckrup Hall in September. After an awful year for weddings,  on the back of Covid-19, it was finally time to perform at a wedding again. 


Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall

I had never actually performed at Puckrup before, but what a lovely venue it is. As weddings are now capped at 30 guests, and not allowed DJ’s/dancing, Andy booked me for the evening. I was to perform an hour around the 5 tables and then do a short stand up session to the whole room. 

It was slightly nerve wracking walking into the venue to be faced with everyone in masks. The venue is very well controlled when it comes to Covid guidelines. There was sanitiser everywhere and the staff were always on hand to monitor. But it felt secure whilst also welcoming, which was nice for both me and guests. Photographer Dale Stephens was on hand to capture the day.

It was wonderful to be finally performing again, and thankfully the guests were all amazing fun. Firstly I did an hour around the tables before doing a 20 minute stand up spot. This is a new feature Im offering for weddings, as it works well under the current guidelines. It involves a few tricks that play nicely to all the guests, similar to if they went to visit a show. It finished, of course, with getting Andy and Sarah up, as its their special day.

Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall

I had previously discussed with Andy about wether he wanted me to wear a mask/shield. He was open to me asking guests as I went around, which is what I did. Everyone had sanitiser before I performed and no one requested the mask. The result is some brilliant reaction photos as can be seen here.


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Dale Stephens website can be seen here

These are some of his amazing photos that he kindly sent me from the day 


Birmingham Magician Owen Strickland

How To Choose A Wedding Magician?

How To Choose A Wedding Magician?

How To Choose A Wedding Magician is not as easy as you’d think. Because, there’s so many, right? 

Hopefully you’ve now decided to book a magician for your special day, and understand how much added value one can bring to your day. The easy answer to this, is make sure they’re great! But how do you that? Birmingham Magician Owen Strickland gives 10  handy tips to help you out.


1.  Try To Meet Them

If you can, you should absolutely try and meet ANY suppler that your going to have on your Special Day. This way you will get a feel for their personality, and that is so vital. This is even truer with magicians. Any professional magician should be happy to meet you, and show you some magic. Websites can make anyone look good, but can they match up to that in real life? I get the majority of my weddings from meeting couples at wedding fayres, where couples can meet me and see what I do for real. No camera tricks!!

Aston Marina Magician Owen Strickland

2. If You Can’t Meet them, Research them !

Are there videos/photos of the magician performing at weddings online? Does the magician actually do as many weddings as they say? It’s easy for suppliers to say, “we do X amount of weddings a year”, but is there evidence of that? If there isn’t, ask yourself why? Every wedding I perform at goes on my social media accounts. It’s therefore very easy to look back at say, 2019, and see all 70 weddings on there. My website has over 1000 photos of me performing at various weddings over the years.

Birmingham Magician Owen Strickland

3. Check Their Reviews

A big indicator of the quality of a magician is reviews. What have previous couples said about the magician? But how do you tell if it’s a real review? A sentence on a website, saying “He was amazing. Mr and Mrs W” could easily be made up. How do you know they even exist? How do you know that review wasn’t from 1994? Verified reviews are what they should have(preferably with dates and locations of weddings on)such as Google reviews, Trust Pilot etc. I have over 120 5 Star Google Reviews and over 340 5 star reviews via my verified “Best Of” page.

Birmingham Magician Owen Strickland

4. Are They Recommended by Venues?

Is the Magician recommended at any venues you know? When an established and respected venue recommends a supplier, its usually a good sign that they are both good and trustworthy. They will not stake their hard earned reputation on just anyone. I’m very humbled that a number of exclusive venues recommend me. Amongst such venues are Alrewas Hayes, Aston Marina, Hogarths Solihull, Moor Hall, Bordesley Park, Calderfields Golf and Country Club, The Limes Earlswood and Swinfen Hall.

Birmigham Magician Owen Strickland

5. What do They Cost ?

Cost is very subjective, and every wedding will be working to a “budget” of some sort. You probably already know how quickly the budget can get out of hand! Magicians vary greatly in cost, as does the quality. I’m probably in the mid to higher range of pricing (my packages are £450-£700). But with that comes the assurances that have been mentioned n the other paragraphs. If a price seems too good to be true, ask yourself why, and check the other 9 points in this article. A quick look at any of the “Wedding Scam” pages for suppliers will show that in every instance, its been a cheap supplier that’s caused the issue. My best advice would be, do not book a magician on price alone!

Birmingham Wedding Magician Owen Strickland at Nuthurst Grange

6. Are they Actually Entertaining?

As well as performing magic, your Wedding magician needs to be entertaining. He needs to be personable, be able to make your gusts feel relaxed and at ease. There is no use having a technically amazing magician, if he is as dull as dishwater. I know some magicians who are the best technical magicians in the country. However they would be no use at a wedding, as they’re not fun to be around or slightly entertaining. Hopefully my show reels will show you how I am at weddings. Its all about entertaining to keep your guests happy.

Birmingham Magician Owen Strickland

7. Insurance

A dirty word in many ways, but an important one!! The current Covid Pandemic has opened a whole can of worms when it comes to wedding insurance. If ever an event has shown how vital insurance is, it’s this one! Its vital that any supplier at you wedding has the relevant insurance. For magicians, it’s Public Liability Insurance. The majority of Venues will insist on it, and will not let a supplier on site without it. You don’t want to find out that your magician has been escorted off the premises, as he hasn’t got PLI! I have it with Equity, and covers me for £10 million. Thankfully, I have never had to use it!!


8. Have They Won Any Awards?

Has the Magician won awards? Actually , scratch that ! Nearly every Magician has “award winning” on their website!! But what is the Award? Its very easy to add “Award Winning”, without specifying what that Award was for. Do ask them what the awards they have won are, and when they won them. I’m very fortunate to have won The Wedding Industry Awards for Best Wedding Entertainer a number of times. TWIA is the leading awards in the Wedding Industry, where only Brides and Grooms whose wedding a supplier has attended, can vote. They all leave feedback and its independently judged

How to choose a wedding magician

9. Are They A Member of The Magic Circle?

This isn’t in itself vital, because I know some excellent magicians who are NOT Members Of The Magic Circle. I equally know some boring magicians that ARE!! However, you can certainly take some peace of mind that if a Magician IS a Member. He will have been through a rigorous application procedure of an interview, exam and audition in front of some of the best magicians in the country.Only those deemed good enough are admitted. Thankfully, I passed and I am a Member. In fact, I am the West Midlands Regional Representative for The Magic Circle!

How to choose a wedding magician

10. Are They Trustworthy?

A MASSIVE one, and good one to finish.For any couple, trustworthiness in suppliers  is vital. You are not only investing a significant amout of money with them, but also investing trust that they will make your day amazing. This is a huge responsibility, and one I take very seriously. Ensure you magician gives you a legal contract that covers your money and their terms&conditions. Also ensure they give you a full invoice, detailing what you have paid

With all the postponed weddings from 2020 through Covid 19, I have heard of some horror stories from my couples about some suppliers. Some have refused to move dates or refund, leaving couples short of a lot of money. During this Crisis, I have moved 99 per cent of weddings where I was available for no cost. I have kept the original price that was agreed, and where I have been able to fulfil new dates (through already being booked), I have refunded any deposit paid. My recent feedback from the poor couples who have had to postpone will bear testament to that.

So there we have it. How to choose a Wedding Magician in 10 hand steps!

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How to Choose a Wedding Magician 

Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland

Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland

Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland

Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland today for Leona and Marks Wedding. The couple booked me after meeting me at the Wedding Fayre at the Venue back in May. I know when meeting them it would be a fun wedding. I was not disappointed!!

The booked me to perform during the lull between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. This is a very popular booking as it is a part of the day where guests can easily get bored and frustrated. Having me go round the tables and to the guests who have gone to the bar or outside, can reinvigorate them and keep the mood going.

Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland Hogarths Magic with Owen Strickland

The weather had been iffy at best all weekend, but thankfully it was a warm and dry day. It meant guests were free to go outside and enjoy some magic in the sunshine. I want round both inside and outside performing for a couple of hours, and you can see some of the reactions that I got. I also had time to do my Special Tricks for the Bride and Groom, one inside and one outside.

It was genuinely a fun wedding and a lovely end to a busy weekend.

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