Warwick House Magician Owen Strickland

Warwick House Magician Owen Strickland

Warwick House Magician Owen Strickland

Warwick House Magician Owen Strickland

It was lovely Autumn wedding today back at the beautiful Warwick House in South. I am very lucky to be the recommended supplier at Warwick House, which I take as a real honour 

Today it was Matt and Gemma’s wedding. I met them at one of the recommended supplier open evenings at the Venue. These are held a few times of year, and are perfect for meeting couple who have already booked at the venue.

They booked  me for an hour of the lull after the wedding breakfast, and an hour of the evening reception.

This is such a good idea as it stops the day guests getting wrestless whilst they wait for the event reception. Certain Venues don’t have accommodation,  so guests can be stuck with little to do after a heavy meal. It also then allows the evening guests to get some magic when they arrive. They are often a little on edge on arrival.This can follow not being involved on the day.Magic can help  them to get settled quickly. Plus this mix of two sessions means that every single guest at the wedding gets to see some amazing magic

As ever I had time amongst everything to do my Special Tricks for Gemma and Matt. Theses photos show the reactions that they got. It was a great wedding with both the happy couple and guests all being great fun.

Reality Wedding Photography 

The amazing photos listed here were kindly sent to me by Darren from Reality Wedding Photography. As you can see his work is absolutely top notch! These are amongst my favourite photographs of the year, and are already in my “Best of” folder. You can see more of Darrens amazing work at his website here 

Warwick House is one the premier venues in Warwickshire, and if you are planning to get marries and don’t have a venue yet, check it out here

For more pictures of me performing at weddings, you can take a look at my Gallery here