Birmingham Magician at Puckrup Hall

Birmingham Magician Covid Wedding Package

Birmingham Magician Covid Wedding Package

Birmingham Magician Covid Wedding Package

I am now offering a Special Package for couples who are getting married during restrictions for Covid 19. Sadly, and weddings taking place at the moment are restricted to just 15 people, including the Happy Couple. However many couples are still going ahead with their Special Day, and why not!!

Ive had the privilege to perform at a number of these weddings this year, and each one has been amazing. Despite having numbers drastically reduced, they have been lovely intimate events that I will treasure for many years to come. This is a video of me performing at some recent Covid Restricted Weddings 


So How Do I Perform for 15 Guests?

Firstly, the easy answer is, exactly the same as I do for a full wedding! However, where as mix and mingle magic usually takes a couple of hours to get round all the guests, with 15 it takes way less time. Therefore I just do 60 minutes mix and mingle magic. I say mix and mingle, but this could be at tables. Rues ad regulations are constantly changing, so I remain flexible for how I perform. As an example, for a recent Aston Marina Wedding, guests were stood up so it was ix and mingle in the traditional sense.

At Warwick House, however, guests were all seated at tables throughout, so it was table magic for this period. Either is fine with me!!

Aston Marina Covid Wedding Magic Aston Marina Covid Wedding Magic Warwick House  Covid Wedding Magic


Do I Wear A Mask?

If required, absolutely! My first Cold wedding was before regulations changed,so that anyone indoors at venues should wear a mask when not seated. I offered the Bride and Groom when they booked that I’d be happy to wear one if they preferred. However they were happy for me not to wear one, and actually preferred it. On arrival I also checked with each table, who also said they would prefer no mask. So for that wedding, I didn’t wear one. For the subsequent weddings, the regulations had moved on so I did wear one. In a nutshell, I will always comply with Government regulations, and where I can, wishes of The Happy Couple/Guests

Social Distancing Magic/ Sanitising

I can offer Socially Distancing magic if required, where by none of the guests are required to touch any props etcetera. In the weddings I have done, this was not requested. Couples and guests have enjoyed some “normality” and have been keen to be involved/selecting cards etc. In this instance, I carry hand sanitiser around with me, so that anyone involved sanitises  before and after each trick. 

Stand Up Magic 

After the 60 minutes mix and mingle/table magic, I can do a stand up show that all the guests can watch. As (at the time of writing) DJ’s etc are still not allowed, its the perfect entertainment fir the guests. At some venues, guests will have been sat at their table all day, and boredom can certainly creep in. A 20-30 minute show can really lift the spirits ad provide some welcome entertainment. 

Birmingham Magician at Puckrup HallWarwick House  Covid Wedding Magic Warwick House  Covid Wedding Magic

Each show offers some light hearted magic with laughs and fun aplenty. The Happy Couple are also brought up to be starts of the show-its their day after all!! As my time at weddings currently is a lot less than would be usual, the price reflects this!! Get in touch to see how I can make your Covid wedding even better?

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