5 Tips to Enhance Your Event

5 Tips to Enhance Your Event


Whether you’re planning a corporate event, getting married, or just throwing a party for the hell of it, there’s a lot that goes into planning your party.

Once you’ve got the basics planned, it’s time to think about how you can take your event from “just another party” to “OMG how good was that?”

Here’s a look at five ways you can enhance your event.

1.   Make it Magic!

Magic is always exhilarating to watch. Whether you have a table magician who casually takes part in your event or have a full on performance as the centrepiece entertainment of your party, a magician is sure to get people talking, scratching their heads, and asking what just happened.It will also provide you with some amazing reaction shots, that will last long after the day has ended 

The beauty of booking a magician is that you don’t just get the magic show element, but the camaraderie with guests and additional performance elements, such as comedy, too.

2.   Surprise with Fireworks

Fireworks are the ideal addition to a party. The versatility and fun they give you means they’re always an added dimension to any party.

Fireworks can be used at the beginning of the party as a way to greet arriving guests. They can be used for a traditional grand finale at the end of the night, or you can even use indoor fireworks, from small sparklers to full on indoor pyro, if you’re cutting a cake, giving out awards, or even just to accompany the DJ or live band’s performance.

Which brings us nicely onto our next tip…

3.   Choose Live Music

Every event needs music – it helps to create atmosphere and entertain your guests even when there’s nothing special taking place at that moment.

While it’s rather easy to hook your smartphone up to a speaker and stream your playlist these days, having live music is always a much better idea. Live musicians can enhance the mood and pick up on the subtle signals your guests might be sending. For example, a great band is instantly able to play more upbeat songs if the mood seems to be dying down or slow it down if the situation calls for it.

A great live band really can make your event!

4.   Get Guests Sharing

It’s not for everyone, but it’s hard to deny that social media is a big part of our lives as well as the events we attend. The use of hashtags at events is widely encouraged and one fun way to get people sharing more is to have a social media wall at your event. This is a big digital display that’s updating with the tweets and posts people are sending using different platforms. It can work well in a big event and get everyone involved in the different things happening around the venue!

If you do this, just be sure to manage it well – you might want social engagement but you also want to ensure the people there are actually “present” at the event and not just on their phones!

5.   Opt for Smart Lighting

Finally, you can enhance your event with the use of smart lighting, sometimes referred to as intelligent lighting. These are, essentially, solutions allowing your lighting to respond and change according to different things. For example, you could use lights to display a seating chart on a big wall and then have it transformed into a wall of stars by the end of the night. Your smart lights could also follow the dancers on the dance floor and so on. The options are endless and smart lighting will add to the atmosphere of your event or party – it’s also an affordable way to decorate without having to buy physical décor items!

The above five tips will help you transform your event and enhance the mood of your occasion, whatever the reason for your party!

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